Trust Your Intuition

“Every life we touch intersects. Every Action goes out and comes back. Don’t be afraid of living in an awakened state….and don’t be afraid to listen to that inner voice.”
I have learned to trust what my inner voice is asking me to listen to. It has always had a strong presence in my life, but the voice was soft enough not to be too pushy. There have been times when I wish that voice had been a bit louder and persistent. I would have had softer landings during some of my bigger falls. Listening and trusting your intuition is not as simple nor as complex as others would have you believe, but first one must understand what “intuition’ is and what it is not.
in.tu.i.tion (/int(y)oo’iSH(e)n/; noun: the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.; a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning; direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process.

What intuition is not is woo-woo and is definitely not from the land of rainbows and unicorns.  Much of our culture, religious sects and parenting guidelines encourages us go to the heart, feel it, move with it, listen to it.  Just as here is a physical intuition that keeps us from falling forward or backward – known as a counter balance, we are asked to feel, listen, be aware of the inner intuitive balances.
Recently I asked a successful motivational speaker and author how he knew that he was suppose to be speaking before hundreds of people, sharing his story and writing about it. I wanted him to give me reasoning behind my writing, speaking engagements and the stepping out of my safe place of living. I wanted him to put my pieces in place that would give me approval that what I was thinking about doing was what I am suppose to do. He didn’t give me “my answers” but he listened to what I felt I was being asked to do. What I knew was this; when you feel deep in your heart, deep inside your being, that you are being guided to share your story for the betterment of another and not for your own self, that is a voice to listen to. This is what I call trusting your intuition.
Living with your intuitive voice is living with courage to be who you are suppose to be. The times I went against what felt was my path, there seemed to be more controversy, a bit more uneasiness, confusion and mixed messages. The times that I went with what my inner voice was guiding me towards, I found a peaceful voyage, tools to work with the rising tide, not against it.
I have learned to offer possibilities to another by reaching back with one hand while stretching forward with the other. Intuition is a strength stone I carry in my pocket. I will always be grateful for its gifts.

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