Helping Parents Heal


The next meeting of our Kona Chapter of “Helping Parents Heal” will be Saturday, September 24, at 4:00 PM at the Kona Community Hospital Conference Room #2 (look for the sign at the entrance of the parking lot below ER).

Helping Parents Heal is a support group for those who are learning to live with losses, disappointments, unplanned events that have popped up unexpectedly and learning from each other in ways we never thought about.  There are days when I have felt I simply cannot do this dance, this walk, this assignment that life has shoved in my hands.  And there are those experiences that have shown me that I not only can, but it is necessary to be that light for that person or be in the presence of her story, his grief – to understand that what has happened to me is no different from what has happened to you – it just came in a different package, in a different arrangement.

We, as a community, are the brave ones.  The ones who despite the enormity of the impossible, can look at our story with courage.  It is not an easy story to carry, but it is beautiful because it is wrapped with the compassion we have for each other; the shattered and battered hearts, the scars we wear from loving our children with all our hearts.

Please consider joining our group on the fourth Saturday of every month.  There will be a candle lighting for our loved ones, a short video on living with our loss, a guest speaker from our community and an opportunity to introduce your loved one to the community.  Feel free to contact me anytime.

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