About Beth

Who I am and what I do are both different and the same – I have the joy of leading fitness classes, personal training and wellness coaching that dates back to 1987. Having extensive experience working in the coaching and fitness arena, as well as being mother of three has given me an amazing platform to explore relationships, communication and navigating life’s obstacles.

I am currently helping healthy clients achieve what they really want out of their life experience and guiding them in discovering their full potential through physical, emotional and spiritual coaching. Throughout our coaching sessions, we will build upon the foundation of strength you already possess and explore possibilities. If you are willing to be a partner with me, then we can get started.

  • Wellness Coach, Fitness Professional (Group Exercise, Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer)
  • Facilitator with “Healing Through Hope”, an online Zoom Conference Circle that meets once a month with a theme and open discussion in living with child loss and sharing stories of hope.
  • Affiliate Leader of “Helping Parents Heal”, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting parents who have lost children, giving them support and resources to aid in the healing process.
  • Fitness Coordinator at the Four Seasons Hualalai (2003 to present)
  • Presenter at the 2015 IANDS (International Association for Near Death Studies)
  • Presenter at the 2018 Helping Parents Heal Conference

Everyone has a story.  Each one is sacred. 

I have always had a great deal of compassion for another who has had to endure great challenges.
What I enjoy most about what I do is encouraging and inspiring another to believe in themselves and that anything is possible with the right information and tools. What I know to be true is this; everyone’s story is rich in experience and wisdom. Fully embracing life is out there for each of us. Sometimes it takes navigating through the obstacles with a coach and trainer who understands the process.
Warmest Aloha, Beth D’Angelo


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