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I am pleased to announce that “Grow Hope Project” will launch an online group that supports life’s transitions.  Please standby for exact time and Zoom Conference Call information.  I hope you will consider joining this online community and find strength in growing hope that you can transcend your story.  For more information email: beth.growhope@gmail.com.

There are many paths that lead to a greater understanding of life’s experiences.  There is no one way that suits all people, and my experience has proven that there are precious pieces of understanding from many, many places, people, organizations, stories and institutions.  What resonates with one, may not be what is significent in another.  If I can offer any piece of advise in this matter, trust your gut, your intuition, your heart and what has led you to a deeper understanding of your own story.

“Healing Through Hope”, “Helping Parents Heal”, “The Compassionate Friends”and “Hospice Bereavement Support Groups” have been my go-to’s, along with the professional industry.  These organizations have location support meetings and may have online services as well.  I am a Co-Facilitator on “Healing Through Hope Open Discussion Support Group”, a Facebook Community, which meets online once a month.  Anyone of these organizations are rooted in giving tools, resources as you meander through your life story.  I have often said, I may not have chosen this particuar piece of my life story, however, it is mine and I have found a way to hold its sacredness with love.

Please email me if you are interested in any of these options.  I am here to serve.


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